Understanding Horse Race Betting as a Career

To understand horse racing betting as a career you have to understand what it is all about at the end of the day:  A sustainable means of making a living.  In this respect it is like any other career.

To that end it is not simply about picking winners as there are a number of factors which come into play.  To be a professional punter you have to have an edge over the bookmaker.

To understand horse race betting as a career, be aware:

That being a horse racing punter is a proper profession and brings with it all the trappings and responsibilities careers bring.  This means that providing you are good at it you will be well paid, and in turn this leads to the lifestyle you want.  It does mean however, that there is a lot of groundwork and studying to become successful.  You will need to change with the times, and adapt your approach as the game changes.

A pro punter knows that horse racing success comes in the long term over the course of a season.  It is not an overnight success or any kind or get rich scheme.  There are knocks along the way, and you must be prepared to take the bad times as well as the good.

That losing streaks will hit from time to time and this can shake your confidence.  It is important you keep a clear head.  Many pro punters believe that if you can get through the losing streak and start seeing profit in the bank account once more, then you truly are a professional.  As a pro you will not always win every race.  Horses do not necessarily run according to calculations.

It is a demanding, hard to learn career, and you will have to dedicate time to it.  In short it is graft not glamour, and you must be prepared to commit to it, if necessary juggling your time and sacrificing other activities for your chosen career.

The 30-1 shot hardly ever wins.  It is more likely that you will pick out a 6-1 winner which should have been 2-1.  This is a better example of a good bet.

Being a professional gambler means you should look out for new opportunities.  This will happen naturally providing you are good at it.

Finding horse racing winners is a scientific process.  After a while the science becomes instinctive, but it is the science and not the alignment of the stars which makes that horse come through.  A good sign of your professionalism is to have the confidence to trust your judgement even when others are sure you are wrong.

Being a pro punter is a combination of skill and hard work.  As time goes on you will find some aspects easier, and some aspects will rear up and try to bite you.  Some of the aspects you will not have seen coming.

Now you have read this article, still feel like a flutter?

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