Top Five Most Popular Online Games For Women

The stereotypes say women don’t enjoy online games as much as men, but the reality seems to contradicts this myth. However, women have different tastes in games, compared to men. Both men and women can be categorized based on the type of games they play. Even if women gamers are fewer than men, there are women who like browser games like Darling of Fortune Online, some who like console games and women who like smartphone games. The biggest percentage of female gamers are casual players, so they rely on browser games. But as the new generations are more tech savvy than previous ones, we can expect to see a rise in the number of women gamers who prefer smartphone games. Considering these facts, which are the most popular online games for women? Let’s find out!


Farmville has all the features of a successful online game: it’s social, it involves virtual coins and requires the player to wait for progress. These are all important elements for a catchy game. As the game evolves, the player can earn more money and extend her farm. The reason why women love this online game is you can play it with your friends. The cooperation and the competition elements of this game made it so popular.

Online Roulette

Roulette resembles the Wheel of Fortune, which is a game women appreciate a lot. This is why ladies also love to play roulette, both online and offline. The excitement of spinning the wheel and seeing the dice landing on the number you picked is the element which makes this game popular among women.

Bejeweled 2

This game was first released as a browser game and it was then released as a smartphone app. As the name implies, the game involves “jewelries” – definitely attractive for women. The game is played similar to logical games, such as tetris, which is another addictive element.

World of Warcraft

Who would have guessed that women are attracted by the popular MMORPG. Like many other games in this list, WOW is also a social game, based on quests. In order to complete these quests, you need to rely on your friends. While lots of men play this game, the number of women who are playing it is rising constantly.


Our grandparents used to play crosswords and Sudoku, so at the first sight, you might think this is a boring game. But this is far from the truth: crosswords and Sudoku are popular because they help the player develop the cognitive skills and the vocabulary. Since these games became available online, they haven been played by millions of games, many of them being females.

Simulation games

Sims, Cake Shop and other simulation games are also very popular among women. The reason is they allow them to be creative and escape their daily chores. When you play a simulation game you can be anyone, from a chef to a makeup artist and a successful real estate developer. This enables the player to explore areas of a virtual life that can’t be explored in real life.

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