How to Bet on the Horses

Betting on the horses can be as complicated or as easy as you would like it to be. The more you understand the racing form, the more you will know about the horses and the races they are running. Horse Betting Guides shows you how betting on horses can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.


  1. Go to race track, off-track betting facility or casino sports book. You can bet on the horses at all of these locations, but it’s more fun to bet at the track so you can watch the race.Know that thoroughbred racing is the most popular and the most common kind of horse race in America, with standard bred and quarter horse racing next. These distinctions refer to the various horse breeds.3. Buy and study the racing form.

    4. Make sure you know the length of the race on which you are interested in betting and how your horse does in races of this length.

    5. Go to the betting window.

    6. Place your bet. Usually the smallest bet allowes is one dollar.

    7. Remember how much you bet, and do not lose your betting ticket or receipt.

    8. Remember the odds when you placed the bet.

    9. Return to the window after the race has been run and collect your winnings.

    10. Throw your ticket on the floor if you lost (This can become an art form if you don’t follow our advice).

    Races are measured in furlongs or eighths of a mile.

    Betting on a horse to win, means you are betting it will come in first, betting on a horse to place means you are betting it will come in first or second, and betting on a horse to show means you are betting it will come in first, second or third. Betting on the exacta or perfecta means you are betting on the first two horses to win in the correct order of finish. Betting on the quinella or quiniela means you are betting on two horses to come in first and second, but those two horses don’t have to finish in any particular order. Betting on the daily double is betting on the winners of two races. You must be correct in both races to win the bet

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